Argentinian Nostradamus Predicted Javier Milei’s Triumph 80 Years Ago


In an intriguing fusion of mysticism and politics, the rise of Javier Milei, who was inaugurated as the president of Argentina today (Dec. 10), finds a prelude in the decades-old prophecies of Benjamín Solari Parravicini (1898-1974), often dubbed the Argentinian Nostradamus.

The eerie accuracy of Parravicini’s predictions, which foresaw events such as the 9/11 attacks and the advent of television, has been a subject of fascination for many Argentinians, including Daniel Parisini (Fat Dan), founder of “La Misa,” a pivotal pro-Milei podcast.

Parisini recalled his first encounter with Parravicini’s prophecies at the age of eight, a moment that left a lasting impression.

“It all started when I came across an article about Parravicini’s psychographies in a magazine. My grandmother showed it to me, and I was struck by the prophecies he had already correctly predicted,” he said.

Years before Milei stepped into the political arena, Parisini saw in him the embodiment of Parravicini’s prediction from the 1940s of a “grey man”: a young, unknown figure in the political landscape, an outsider. This perception led to a deliberate effort to associate Milei with this prophecy, an initiative Parisini spearheaded on social media platforms like Twitter (now X), which he likened to the Roman Coliseum of modern times.

The association between Milei and the “grey man” prophecy resonated deeply with Milei’s supporters, creating a mystique Parisini described as almost religious.

“We started organizing ‘spaces,’ and it felt like everything was predestined, bringing hope and belief,” he explained. This religious fervor is what inspired the name “La Misa” for his YouTube program.

Milei himself embraced the “grey man” prophecy, often joking about wearing a grey suit and feeling comfortable in that role. Parisini thought this belief provided Milei with an unbreakable strength, a spiritual force that has been a valuable asset to his campaign.

“The fact that he believes he might be the ‘grey man’ with a mission greater than himself adds immense spiritual strength,” Parisini noted. He credits the prophecy with creating a mystical atmosphere and a sense of hope among voters, transcending social media and communication networks.

In Parisini’s view, aligning Milei with the prophecy was one of the most significant victories of the campaign. He firmly believed in the prophecies, especially the one about “the third day,” which he linked to Milei’s win after the third voting phase: the PASO, primaries, and ballotage.

“PAX the humble man in Argentina comes to govern, he will be of a young and unknown caste in the environment but will be saintly in manners, belief and wisdom, he will arrive after the third day.”

The prophecy’s reference to a “young and unknown caste” strikingly echoed Milei’s campaign, anchored by his signature phrase, “The caste is afraid,” highlighting his battle against the political establishment. Intriguingly, Milei’s triumph in the third electoral round, notably in the ballotage against Massa, corresponded with the prophesied “third round,” lending an air of mystique to his rise in politics.

“New sun, new light, the dry tree of Argentina will know of an era of new rain, the blessing will come to its soil after serious struggles of meetings and mismatches. Of proud in shouts and defeated shouts. Three chiefs will arrive and they will say they are not, but later they will be in strength and truth, they will call the man to be and he will be. He will be a grey man.”

This prediction reflected the main logo of Milei’s political party, La Libertad Avanza. The initials “JM” in the prophecy are seen as a clear reference to Milei. The mention of “three chiefs” is interpreted as including, alongside Milei, Mauricio Macri (as indicated by the initials) and Patricia Bullrich symbolized by a duck in the logo. “Pato (duck)” is the short name for Patricia Bullrich, Milei’s competitor in the elections, who eventually supported him in the ballotage.

These are just two of the many predictions strongly linked to Milei’s triumph. While there are numerous others, it would be an endless task to categorize them all. This prophecy served as both a guide and a beacon of hope for voters throughout the campaign, especially after the second round of elections, when all seemed lost.

The only remaining prophecy to be realized is that the libertarian’s victory heralds a transformative era for the nation, ushering in a period of prosperity and renewal.

Photo: Via X

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