From Christian Pulicic to Gio Reyna, ranking all USMNT players


From Christian Pulisic to Gio Reyna, we rank the US men’s soccer team

Chaos is a ladder, said Lord Baelish. Especially when it comes to international soccer, where injuries, manager changes — both with country and club — a bad transfer or run of form can shift a player’s standing with his national team within a week or two. Getting together only every month or longer leads to a lot of variance.

So with the USMNT’s matches for 2023 in the books, we thought it was a good time to see who is most important to the team, who isn’t, and everything in between, in a fashion that we’ve totally lifted from Football365. But they do theirs about England, and we’ll do ours about a team that might actually win something one day!

To be clear, this isn’t about who is the best player in the USMNT player pool, or who is better than whom. This is ranked on terms of importance to the team, which not only takes in quality but replaceability or uniqueness as well. We’ll come back before the Copa America to see what’s changed and who’s shifted where. Let’s kick this pig!

1. Christian Pulisic – It’s no surprise that Pulisic takes the top spot. As the most talented and influential player in the USMNT, his skills and creativity on the field are unmatched. He has the ability to single-handedly change the outcome of a game and is a crucial asset to the team.

2. Gio Reyna – Reyna, the rising star of US soccer, has shown immense potential and has already made a significant impact on the national team at a young age. His technical ability, vision, and versatility make him a key player in the USMNT’s attacking lineup.

3. Weston McKennie – McKennie’s tenacity and work rate in the midfield make him an indispensable player for the USMNT. His ability to win balls, make crucial interceptions, and contribute to the team’s attacking play make him a vital component of the squad.

4. Sergiño Dest – Dest’s attacking prowess and ability to contribute from the right-back position make him an important player for the USMNT. His speed, dribbling skills, and defensive capabilities add another dimension to the team’s attacking play.

5. Tyler Adams – Adams’ versatility and tactical awareness make him a valuable asset for the USMNT. Whether playing as a defensive midfielder or a right-back, his ability to read the game and provide defensive stability is crucial to the team’s success.

6. Zack Steffen – Steffen’s commanding presence in goal and his ability to make crucial saves make him an important player for the USMNT. As the team’s first-choice goalkeeper, his shot-stopping abilities and distribution skills are vital to the team’s defensive structure.

7. Josh Sargent – Sargent’s goal-scoring abilities and work ethic make him an important player for the USMNT. His ability to hold up play, create chances, and find the back of the net make him an essential part of the team’s attacking options.

8. John Brooks – Brooks’ defensive prowess and ability to organize the backline make him a crucial player for the USMNT. His aerial dominance, reading of the game, and ability to make crucial tackles and interceptions provide stability to the team’s defense.

9. Tim Weah – Weah’s speed, technical ability, and goal-scoring instincts make him a valuable player for the USMNT. His ability to play on either wing and contribute to the team’s attacking play make him a versatile option for the squad.

10. Miles Robinson – Robinson’s emergence as a solid center-back for the USMNT has been impressive. His defensive abilities, aerial dominance, and composure on the ball make him an important player for the team’s defensive structure.

While this ranking is subjective and subject to change based on current form and future performances, these players have consistently proven their importance to the USMNT. With a mix of experienced veterans and talented young stars, the future looks promising for US soccer.

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