Ex-Jags employee allegedly stole $22 million to bet on football


Former Jacksonville Jaguars Employee Accused of Stealing Millions in Massive Fraud Case

In a shocking turn of events, a former employee of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been charged with wire fraud and illegal monetary transactions, accused of stealing over $22 million from the franchise over a span of two years. Amit Patel, who held various positions within the organization between 2018 and 2023, is alleged to have exploited the team’s virtual credit card program to carry out the fraud.

According to case documents obtained by The Athletic, Patel’s scheme involved using fraudulently obtained funds from the company’s virtual credit card program to subsidize his losses in gambling, particularly in football and daily fantasy sports. As his losses continued to mount, Patel resorted to increasingly larger sums of money, spiraling out of control and leading to the staggering amount stolen from the franchise.

The fraudulent transactions carried out by Patel reportedly included the purchase of two vehicles, a condominium, a luxurious watch worth $95,000, and investments in cryptocurrency. It is believed that he used the stolen funds to support his online gambling habit as well.

The Jacksonville Jaguars addressed the situation in a statement to The Athletic, confirming that Patel’s employment was terminated in February 2023. The team also expressed their full cooperation with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida during the investigation. The statement emphasized that Patel’s actions were carried out without the knowledge or involvement of any other team employees and that the franchise had engaged external firms to conduct an independent review.

Patel’s attorney, Alex King, revealed that his client had developed a serious gambling addiction, which ultimately led to his criminal activities. King stated, “It started with a little bit and, as these things usually do, spiraled wildly out of control.”

If convicted, Patel could be required to forfeit a significant amount of money, including the stolen funds and any assets acquired through illegal means. The consequences of the charges he faces are severe, both legally and professionally.

The Khan family, who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham FC, and All Elite Wrestling, has been affected by this major scandal. Shahid Khan, the head of the family, is listed as one of Forbes’ billionaires with an estimated net worth of $12.1 billion.

This case highlights the importance of trust, internal controls, and thorough background checks within organizations. It serves as a reminder that even seemingly trusted employees can engage in fraudulent activities, causing significant financial damage. The Jacksonville Jaguars will undoubtedly review and strengthen their internal systems to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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