Deion Sanders trying to fix Colorado’s biggest weakness


Deion Sanders’ inaugural season as the head coach of the Colorado football team was filled with excitement and offensive fireworks. The team, known for their Gucci-wearing finesse style, often found themselves in high-scoring shootouts and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. However, despite their flashy play, the Buffaloes faced a major issue that plagued their season – a weak offensive line.

The offensive line, or lack thereof, proved to be the team’s Achilles’ heel. Without a solid foundation to protect their quarterback, Deion Sanders, the team’s offensive line crumbled under the pressure of Pac-12 defenses. In fact, Sanders was sacked an FBS-record 52 times in just 11 appearances.

Recognizing the urgent need to address their offensive line woes, the Buffaloes made a significant move by bringing in offensive lineman Jordan Seaton. Seaton, the number one tackle in the class of 2024, is expected to provide much-needed protection for quarterback Shedeur Sanders, who had a rough season due to the lack of pass protection.

Recruiting is a crucial aspect of college football, and Deion Sanders has proven to be a master in this domain. His ability to attract top-tier talent to Colorado has been a game-changer for the program. However, in his first recruiting cycle, Sanders overlooked the importance of building a strong offensive line, instead focusing on skill position superstars. This oversight led to the team’s downfall.

Seaton’s commitment to Colorado is a significant step in rectifying the offensive line debacle. Not only does Seaton have the opportunity to become a high-profile offensive tackle in college football, but his decision to announce his commitment on FS1’s “Undisputed” speaks volumes about the potential impact he can have on the team. Seaton has taken the responsibility of protecting Shedeur Sanders seriously, vowing that the quarterback will never face such a barrage of sacks again.

Despite the addition of Seaton, Deion Sanders still has his work cut out for him. The team has lost several offensive linemen to other schools and has also undergone changes in coaching staff. Additionally, the defensive line needs improvement to effectively counter opposing Big 12 offenses in the upcoming season.

Stylistically, Colorado needs to find a balance between their flashy offense and the need for heavyweight linemen. The colder weather in Boulder during the later part of the season makes it challenging to rely solely on an Air Raid-style offense. To fulfill their promises for the next season, the Buffaloes must supplement their talented skill position players with strong blockers and jumbo linemen on both sides of the ball.

Overall, Deion Sanders’ inaugural season at Colorado was marked by exciting offensive performances and celebrity connections. However, the team’s weak offensive line proved to be their downfall. With the addition of Jordan Seaton, the Buffaloes are taking a step in the right direction to rectify this issue. The success of the team in the upcoming season will depend on their ability to address their protection issues and strengthen their defensive front.

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