Bills’ Sean McDermott Apologizes For Using 9/11 Terrorist Analogy To Motivate Team


Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott has issued an apology for bringing up the 9/11 attacks in a motivational speech during the team’s 2021 training camp. According to reports, McDermott used the terrorists from the September 11 attacks as a model for his players to emphasize the importance of communication and coming together as a team.

The issue came to light when journalist Tyler Dunne wrote a lengthy three-part piece about McDermott, detailing the incident. McDermott did not deny making the comments when questioned by reporters, stating, “I regretted mentioning 9/11 in my message that day, and I immediately apologized to the team.” He explained that his goal was to emphasize the importance of being on the same page.

The coach plans to address the issue with his current roster and apologize to them personally. McDermott also emphasized that 9/11 was a horrific event in the country’s history and a day that he lost a good family friend. He stated that he takes the matter very seriously and considers it important.

The Buffalo Bills, currently with a 6-6 record, are in need of a win against the Kansas City Chiefs to keep their playoff hopes alive. McDermott’s apology comes at a crucial time for the team as they strive to turn their season around and secure a spot in the playoffs.

It is important for coaches and leaders to be mindful of the words they use and the references they make, particularly when it comes to sensitive subjects like 9/11. McDermott’s apology shows his willingness to acknowledge his mistake and take responsibility for his actions. Hopefully, this incident serves as a reminder to all leaders to approach motivational speeches and team-building exercises with sensitivity and respect.

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