Apple Faces Major Leadership Reshuffle As iPhone Design Chief Exits: Report – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)


Apple Inc. is reportedly experiencing a significant shift in its leadership, with the departure of Tang Tan, the vice president of product design. Tan, a pivotal figure in the design of the iPhone and Apple Watch, will be leaving the company in February in what is the first of a series of notable changes in the hardware engineering group, according to a news report by Bloomberg.

Tan’s exit, which was not publicly announced but known by sources familiar with the matter, marks a substantial transition in Apple’s design approach. He reports to John Ternus, senior vice president of hardware engineering, under whom the division will reshuffle responsibilities to adapt to this change, the report read.

In the wake of Tan’s departure, several deputies to Ternus and Tan, including Richard Dinh, Tan’s top lieutenant, are poised to take on expanded roles. Dinh will now report directly to Ternus. Additionally, Kate Bergeron, responsible for Mac teams, will oversee the design of the Apple Watch, indicating a strategic realignment within the hardware engineering team, according to the report.

The Strategic Importance Of Tan’s Role
Tan’s influence in Apple was not limited to the iPhone and Watch; he also played a crucial role in the design of accessories and led the company’s acoustics team, contributing significantly to the development of AirPods. These responsibilities are being transferred to Matthew Costello, who is in charge of the Beats and the HomePod smart speaker.

The Bigger Picture At Apple
This reshuffle comes at a crucial time for Apple, as the company continues to navigate the competitive tech landscape. Tan’s departure is seen as a notable loss, given his critical role in shaping Apple’s flagship products. The company is now poised to embrace these leadership changes as it prepares for future innovations and challenges.

Price Action: AAPL shares closed higher by 0.74% to $195.71 on Friday. Shares were 0.04% up to $195.79 after hours.

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