Amanda Bynes Launches New Podcast, First Episode with Tattoo Artist


Amanda Bynes Returns to the Spotlight with New Podcast

Former child star Amanda Bynes has made a comeback with a brand new podcast. After years of being away from the public eye, Bynes is taking on the role of host and interviewer in her podcast titled “Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast.”

Bynes, who recently had her conservatorship come to an end, is leading the media venture alongside her friend Paul Sieminski. The first episode of the podcast was just released, featuring a sit-down interview with L.A.-based tattoo artist Dahlia Moth, whom Bynes has known for years.

The podcast episode, which is approximately 26 minutes long, showcases Bynes introducing herself, her co-host, and their guest. Bynes dives right into the questions they want to ask, creating an engaging and somewhat abrupt atmosphere from the start.

As the episode progresses, it becomes evident that Paul Sieminski takes on the majority of the question asking, with Bynes interjecting here and there. This podcast provides listeners with a unique opportunity to hear Bynes’ voice after her prolonged absence from the public eye.

Since leaving Hollywood, Bynes has focused on other pursuits, such as attending fashion school. However, she has also faced struggles, including recent hospitalizations for mental health issues. Fortunately, Bynes appears to be doing better now.

Bynes has been promoting her podcast on her personal Instagram feed, expressing her excitement about the new venture. While she plans to start small with friends as guests, she hopes to eventually invite bigger names, including celebrities, onto the show. It will be interesting to see who Bynes is able to book in the future.

For those interested in hearing the full podcast episode and getting a glimpse into Bynes’ return to the spotlight, it is available for streaming on Spotify. This podcast marks an exciting new chapter in Bynes’ career and offers fans a chance to reconnect with the beloved former child star.

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