Aaron Rodgers Throws Passes At Jets Workout As 21-Day Practice Window Opens


Aaron Rodgers Returns to Jets Practice, Taking a Step Towards Comeback

Aaron Rodgers, the star quarterback for the New York Jets, took a significant step towards making an improbable comeback this season. He returned to practice on Wednesday, although in a limited capacity. This development comes just minutes after head coach Robert Saleh revealed that Rodgers has been cleared for “functional football activity.”

The sight of Rodgers back on the field is undoubtedly encouraging for Jets fans. However, it does not necessarily mean that he is close to returning to game action. Saleh emphasized that it is just another small jump in his rehabilitation progression.

At 40 years old, Rodgers tore his Achilles less than three months ago. He now has 21 days to return to game action after his practice was opened. During this period, he is expected to simulate in-game dropbacks and throw to his teammates during workouts. The Jets coaching staff will be cautious not to push him too hard, even if he appears to be in good shape.

Saleh reassured reporters that they will not allow Rodgers to do anything that could put him at risk. The team is prioritizing his long-term health and ensuring that he fully recovers before considering his return to the field.

In an interview on the “Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers stated that he would only return to in-game action this season if he is healthy enough and if the Jets are in playoff contention. With a 4-7 record, the team’s playoff hopes are still alive, but they will need to perform exceptionally well in the remaining games to stay in contention.

Overall, Rodgers’ return to practice is a positive sign for the Jets, indicating progress in his rehabilitation. While his comeback to the field is not imminent, his presence on the training field brings hope to the team and fans alike.

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