X-Pected? After Musk’s Finger To Bob Iger, Disney-Owned ESPN’s NBA Insider Woj Lands On Meta’s Threads – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META), Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS)


Elon Musk’s decision to ask boycotting advertisers could be backfiring already. After he told Walt Disney Co. chief Bob Iger to “Go f**k yourself”, Disney-owned ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski has landed on X’s rival Threads.

The fallout from Musk’s rant against boycotting advertisers is worsening. NBA insider Wojnarowski has now landed on Meta Platforms Inc.’s Threads to do a question-and-answer session. It could be a coup if Threads manages to pull Woj away from X – his news breaks, popularly called “woj bombs”, have been extremely popular on X, where he has over 6 million followers.

“BREAKING: @wojespn has landed. Q&A on @threads at 8 am PST tomorrow, sources tell us. We’re talking all things @nba and In-Season Tournament,” the official Threads account said in a post, with Woj chiming in and saying “Let’s go!”

If you want the latest “woj bomb”, you might want to keep your eyes peeled at Woj’s Threads account.

In the meantime, Musk has continued with his outburst against Iger – he criticized Iger as a “real standup guy” for running ads on Facebook and Instagram even after Meta was sued for allegedly enabling the distribution of child exploitation material on its platforms. “He should be fired immediately. Walt Disney is turning in his grave over what Bob has done to his company,” Musk said.

Losing Woj to Threads could prove to be a major loss for X. Musk has been trying to position X as a platform for video streaming – with sports being one of the major areas of focus.

However, Woj doesn’t seem to be abandoning X completely just yet – his Q&A on Threads could be a one-off, but it will still bring more eyeballs to Threads at a time when X is struggling to fill the estimated $75 million hole caused by advertiser boycott.

Overall, Musk’s decision to engage in public confrontations and controversial statements seems to be having unintended consequences. It remains to be seen how this ongoing feud will impact the future of X and its relationship with advertisers and content creators.

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