Trump’s Time Has ‘Come And Gone’ Says Home Depot Co-Founder As GOP Megadonor Endorses Nikki Haley: ‘American People Need This Kind Of Leadership’


Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot and a former supporter of Donald Trump, has thrown his weight behind Nikki Haley for the 2024 presidential election. Langone believes that Haley’s approach and leadership style are exactly what the United States needs right now.

In an interview with Fox News, Langone described Haley as smart and praised her elegant leadership style. He believes that her statesman-like qualities are essential for the American people at this time. Langone’s endorsement is a significant boost for Haley’s campaign, which recently raised over half a million dollars at a fundraiser in New York.

Langone’s support for Haley may also indicate a shift among wealthy donors within the GOP. It suggests that they are increasingly looking for alternatives to Trump. This shift was further highlighted in November when Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-affiliated group, endorsed Haley, stating that she has what it takes to lead a policy agenda and tackle the country’s biggest challenges.

Langone’s backing holds weight due to his long-time support for Trump and his status as a GOP megadonor. However, he believes that Trump’s last three months in office were “disgraceful,” and his handling of the events on January 6th made it clear that he is unfit to lead the country again. Langone expressed his disappointment in Trump’s actions and stated that they ruined his chances of succeeding himself in the future.

Furthermore, Langone mentioned that he couldn’t support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because his “numbers aren’t moving.” This comment suggests that Langone is looking for a candidate with strong momentum and broad appeal.

Overall, Langone’s endorsement of Nikki Haley is a significant development in the 2024 presidential race. It indicates a growing desire among wealthy GOP donors for an alternative to Donald Trump. Haley’s appeal lies in her smart approach, elegant leadership style, and ability to tackle the nation’s challenges. With Langone’s support and the success of her recent fundraiser, Haley’s campaign is gaining momentum and becoming a serious contender in the race.

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