Trump’s Niece Says Her Uncle Legally Threatened Like Never Before


Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, recently sat down for an interview in which she criticized her uncle and offered insights into his psychology. Known for being one of his harshest critics, Mary Trump did not hold back in her assessment of the former president.

In the interview, conducted by political commentator Molly Jong-Fast and published in the New Republic, Mary Trump described Donald Trump as a “grifter” and “not an intelligent person.” She went on to say that he only cares about himself and does not have any regard for others. According to Mary Trump, people underestimated the deep strain of American racism and misogyny in the 2016 election, and many voters did not care about anyone else but themselves.

Mary Trump also discussed how people identified with Donald Trump’s weakness rather than his strength. She argued that many people saw him as a “loser who’s failed up” and admired the fact that he seemed to get away with everything. She further criticized the myth that Donald Trump was a successful businessman, calling it one of the biggest scams. According to Mary Trump, people support him because they love who he hates, and he was able to tap into white grievance in a unique way.

Delving into Donald Trump’s psychology, Mary Trump attributed his behavior to insecurity. She argued that he knows on an unconscious level that he is not what he claims to be and feels deeply unworthy, unaccomplished, and terrified. According to Mary Trump, the majority of his psychic energy is spent avoiding the truth about himself, which is why he overreacts whenever threatening truths emerge.

Mary Trump also discussed the current legal threats facing her uncle, including the New York civil fraud case. She stated that his appearance in the trial is a sign that he cares about the case and sees it as an existential threat. However, she cautioned against underestimating him, as people made the mistake in 2016 of thinking he couldn’t possibly win because they knew he was a fraud.

As Donald Trump appears to be gearing up for a potential run in the 2024 elections, Mary Trump emphasized that the context has changed. She noted that he is facing legal threats and stresses that he has never experienced before. Mary Trump believes that the reckoning is just coming now, and people should not underestimate her uncle’s ability to manipulate the narrative.

In conclusion, Mary Trump’s recent interview offers a candid and critical perspective on her uncle, Donald Trump. As a psychologist, she delves into his psychology and offers insights into his behavior and motivations. Whether or not one agrees with her assessment, her words provide an interesting perspective on one of the most polarizing figures in recent political history.

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