Trump’s Niece Explains Why Ivanka’s Testimony In NY Civil Case, Her ‘Shady Loan’ Threatens ‘House Of Cards Donald Has Built’


Ivanka Trump’s Testimony Reveals Damaging Information About Donald Trump’s Finances

In a recent New York civil case investigating the Trump Organization, Ivanka Trump, daughter of former President Donald Trump, testified and revealed some damaging information about her father’s finances. The testimony has caught the attention of Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, who highlighted the revelation in a recent substack post.

According to Mary Trump, Ivanka admitted during her testimony that her father had taken money from his own adult children to artificially inflate his net worth. This revelation could have severe consequences for Donald Trump, as it undermines the image he has built of his financial success. Mary Trump referred to it as a threat to the “house of cards” that Donald Trump has constructed over the years.

Ivanka Trump testified that her father’s adult children agreed to allow him to use their assets to inflate his net worth so that he could meet Deutsche Bank’s requirement for a loan. Mary Trump, a psychologist by profession, emphasized the significance of this admission, stating that it could be “crushing” for Donald Trump.

In addition to this revelation, Mary Trump also pointed out another questionable financial decision made by Ivanka. She criticized Ivanka’s choice to take out a mortgage to purchase her Florida home instead of making an outright purchase. Mary Trump argued that this decision is unusual for someone married to a billionaire like Jared Kushner, suggesting that it may indicate a need for money for other investments. She also mentioned that Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump have also taken mortgage loans.

Mary Trump called upon New York Attorney General Letitia James to hold Donald Trump accountable for his daughter’s “shady loan” and to further investigate Ivanka Trump’s finances. She expressed doubts about the accuracy of Ivanka’s financial numbers, suggesting that they do not add up.

Furthermore, Mary Trump commented on a Daily Beast report alleging that Donald Trump had quietly moved $40 million from the Trump Organization into a personal bank account to pay his tax bill. This action violated a court order that specifically prohibited him from shifting his assets. Mary Trump condemned this behavior and compared Donald Trump’s actions to those of a “MOB boss.”

The revelations from Ivanka Trump’s testimony and the subsequent analysis by Mary Trump shed light on the questionable financial practices within the Trump family. These revelations have the potential to significantly impact Donald Trump’s reputation and legal standing. As the New York civil case continues, it remains to be seen what further consequences these revelations may have for the former president.

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