Trump Fires Back At Biden, Accuses Democrats Of Making Hoaxes Against Him: ‘I Will Save Democracy. The Threat Is Crooked Joe Biden’


Former President Donald Trump has dismissed claims that his potential 2024 presidential candidacy would endanger American democracy. Speaking at a gathering with the New York Young Republican Club, Trump shifted the blame to President Joe Biden, accusing him of threatening the nation’s democratic principles.

During his address, Trump denounced the Democratic party and media outlets for propagating what he alleged was the latest in a series of hoaxes against him and the Republican party. He referred to these allegations as a “hoax” and a “new idea,” emphasizing that they were designed to undermine him and his party.

Trump specifically targeted the radical left Democrats and their “fake news allies,” accusing them of continuously pushing hoaxes such as the “Russia, Russia, Russia” and “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine” narratives. He dismissed the notion that he poses a threat to democracy, stating, “No, I’m not a threat. I will save democracy. The threat is crooked Joe Biden.”

The former president criticized Biden’s administration for leading the country toward economic turmoil, highlighting issues such as unprecedented inflation and the national debt. He expressed concerns about the state of the economy, stating, “We owe $36 trillion, and this guy has no clue.”

As the possibility of a Biden-Trump electoral rematch looms, Biden has voiced concerns about the potential risks to U.S. democracy under a Trump presidency. However, Trump cautioned Biden about the repercussions of any indictment against him, suggesting that his return to the White House is imminent.

In his speech, Trump also responded to his recent remarks to a Fox News host about wanting to be a dictator for one day. He clarified his intentions, accusing the media of distorting his words. Trump explained that his desire for temporary dictatorial powers was driven by his commitment to building a wall and pursuing an aggressive drilling agenda.

Concluding his speech, Trump pledged to “make America great again,” promising to displace the current political establishment and confront the mainstream media. His remarks indicate that he remains committed to his political agenda and intends to play a significant role in shaping the future of the Republican party.

While Trump’s comments may resonate with his supporters, they have also sparked controversy and debate among political commentators and opponents. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the tension between Trump and Biden is likely to intensify, with both sides engaging in a battle for the future of American democracy.

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