Tesla Owners Have High Expectations This Christmas; Elon Musk Admits, ‘We Need To Step Up Our Game’ – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for his active presence on social media, and recently he opened the doors to a wide range of requests from Tesla vehicle owners for what they want for Christmas. This came after a user expressed dissatisfaction with the holiday software update features that Tesla had planned to release.

In response to the user’s comment, Musk acknowledged the need to “step up our game” and welcomed suggestions from Tesla owners. This led to a barrage of requests, with owners asking for features such as consent to use boombox while driving, customizable reverse sounds, passenger seat control from the center screen, a fix for autowipers, and the release of the full self-driving version 12, among many others.

Tesla traditionally releases a bigger software update close to the holidays, known as the holiday update. However, leaked release notes for this year’s update have left Tesla owners disappointed. The update reportedly includes features such as trip planner on the mobile app, Apple Podcasts, and automatic 911 calls, but users have criticized it as being lackluster compared to previous years.

Some Tesla owners took to social media platform X to express their disappointment, questioning the leadership and delivery of Tesla’s software team. One user wrote, “Tesla Software has forgotten how to WORK. And DELIVER. What an embarrassingly tiny update compared to 2018/2019 Tesla who shipped updates like this every 2-3 weeks. Now they take all year, and this is all they ship? Where’s the leadership?”

Another user commented, “This holiday update is mostly boring apart from ‘Speed Camera on Your Route’.” Others criticized the absence of AirPlay in the update, calling it a “lame update” and rating it 2 out of 10.

Tesla has always been known for its innovative software updates that enhance the driving experience for its customers. However, this year’s holiday update seems to have fallen short of expectations. It remains to be seen if Tesla will take into account the requests and feedback from its owners and make additional changes to the software update before its release.

As the holiday season approaches, Tesla owners are eagerly awaiting the holiday update and hoping that the company will heed their requests for a more exciting and feature-rich software update. Only time will tell if Tesla will be able to deliver on their expectations and bring some holiday cheer to its loyal customers.

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