Saudi Tourism Authority unveils extensive travel campaign in China, experiencing 277% surge in bookings


The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) has recently launched a comprehensive travel campaign in China, which has resulted in an astounding 277% surge in bookings. This significant increase showcases the growing interest of Chinese tourists in exploring the rich cultural and historical offerings of Saudi Arabia.

The campaign, titled “Journeys in Arabia,” aims to promote Saudi Arabia as a premier travel destination for Chinese tourists. Through targeted marketing efforts, the STA has successfully captured the attention of Chinese travelers, enticing them with unique experiences and unparalleled hospitality.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of this travel campaign is the easing of visa restrictions. In September 2019, Saudi Arabia introduced an electronic visa system for Chinese visitors, making it easier for them to obtain travel permits. This move has undoubtedly played a crucial role in attracting more Chinese tourists to the country.

Moreover, the STA has been actively engaging with Chinese travel agencies and conducting promotional events in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. These efforts have been fruitful, as evidenced by the significant increase in bookings. By highlighting Saudi Arabia’s diverse offerings, including its ancient archaeological sites, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant cultural heritage, the STA has successfully piqued the interest of Chinese travelers.

One of the most popular attractions for Chinese tourists is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al-Ula. This ancient city, known for its breathtaking rock formations and historical ruins, has become a must-visit destination. Chinese travelers are also drawn to the modern marvels of Saudi Arabia, such as the futuristic city of NEOM and the iconic skyscrapers of Riyadh.

To accommodate the growing number of visitors, the Saudi government has been investing heavily in expanding its tourism infrastructure. New hotels, resorts, and cultural centers are being built to cater to the needs of international tourists. This expansion is expected to further boost the appeal of Saudi Arabia as a top travel destination.

The surge in bookings from China is not only a testament to the success of the STA’s travel campaign but also a reflection of the deepening ties between Saudi Arabia and China. In recent years, the two countries have strengthened their economic and cultural cooperation, leading to increased tourism exchanges. As China’s middle class continues to grow and seek new travel experiences, Saudi Arabia presents an exciting and untapped market for Chinese tourists.

The STA’s extensive travel campaign in China has undoubtedly paid off, with a remarkable 277% surge in bookings. This significant increase underscores the growing interest of Chinese tourists in exploring the wonders of Saudi Arabia. As the country continues to promote its unique cultural and historical offerings, it is poised to become a premier destination for Chinese travelers seeking an unforgettable journey in Arabia.

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