‘Not Much Of A Neighbor’: What Living Next To Jeff Bezos Is Like In The Wealthy Town Of Hunts Point


Living next to a billionaire is not an everyday occurrence for most people, but for the residents of Hunts Point, a small and wealthy town just outside of Seattle, it is not entirely uncommon. However, one billionaire who has stood out from the rest is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com Inc.

Bezos, who is the second richest person in the world, is known for his immense wealth and the intense scrutiny that comes with it. As he prepares to move out of Hunts Point and relocate to Miami, his neighbors have been sharing their experiences of living next to him.

According to reports, Bezos has not been an active participant in the community events and gatherings that take place in Hunts Point. One neighbor described him as “not much of a neighbor,” attributing this to his busy schedule and involvement in national affairs. It seems that Bezos prefers to keep to himself and shelter himself from the public eye as much as possible.

While Bezos may not have been the most accessible neighbor, his wealth is not out of the ordinary in Hunts Point. Surrounded by Lake Washington, the town is home to several other rich and famous individuals, including Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer, Costco co-founder James Sinegal, and Nordstrom’s former president Blake Nordstrom.

Comparatively, the residents of Hunts Point find even Ballmer, who is also incredibly wealthy, to be more accessible and approachable. One neighbor mentioned seeing a billionaire pick up trash on Cleanup Day, but noted that Bezos was nowhere to be found.

Bezos’ real estate empire in Seattle is worth an estimated $190 million and includes eight properties. His decision to move to Miami came as a surprise to many, but it seems that his time in Hunts Point was not all bad. According to residents, Bezos did donate to a local youth charity and his staff members were friendly and mingled with the community. Additionally, his security guards were seen as “pleasant neighbors” who provided a sense of security to the area.

While Bezos’ departure may not be mourned by many in Hunts Point, his four-year presence there did have some positive impact. Despite his busy schedule and preference for privacy, he did make contributions to the community and his staff members were well-received by the residents.

As Bezos prepares to embark on his new chapter in Miami, it remains to be seen how he will be received by his new neighbors. Will he maintain his reputation for privacy and seclusion, or will he make a more active effort to engage with the community? Only time will tell.

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