New initiative: Tourism Ireland unveils international programming Fund for 2024


Tourism Ireland, the national tourism development authority of Ireland, has recently announced an exciting new initiative aimed at bolstering the country’s international profile and attracting visitors from around the world. The organization has unveiled a new International Programming Fund for the year 2024, with the goal of supporting a diverse range of cultural and tourism events across the country.

The International Programming Fund, which has a budget of €4 million, will provide financial support to organizations and individuals who propose unique and innovative projects that showcase Ireland’s rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty. The fund aims to enhance Ireland’s international reputation as a destination for cultural tourism and create memorable experiences for visitors.

Tourism Ireland believes that promoting Ireland’s cultural and tourism offerings on a global stage is crucial for the country’s economic recovery and growth in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The International Programming Fund will play a vital role in achieving this goal by supporting events and initiatives that highlight Ireland’s unique cultural identity and attract visitors from all over the world.

The fund is open to applications from a wide range of sectors, including arts and culture, music, dance, literature, film, sports, and heritage. Projects that focus on promoting lesser-known regions and attractions within Ireland will be particularly encouraged. The aim is to showcase the diversity and authenticity of Ireland’s cultural heritage, providing visitors with a truly immersive experience.

The International Programming Fund is also aligned with Tourism Ireland’s wider strategy of attracting more international visitors to Ireland and increasing their length of stay. By supporting a diverse range of events and initiatives, the fund aims to create a compelling and vibrant cultural calendar that will entice tourists to explore different parts of the country and extend their stays.

In addition to the financial support, successful applicants will also benefit from Tourism Ireland’s extensive global marketing network, which will help promote their events to potential visitors around the world. This partnership will ensure that the funded projects receive maximum exposure and reach a wide audience of cultural enthusiasts and potential tourists.

The International Programming Fund is an excellent opportunity for Ireland to showcase its rich cultural heritage and position itself as a leading cultural tourism destination. By supporting innovative and engaging events, the fund will not only attract visitors but also create a lasting legacy by fostering collaborations and partnerships within the cultural sector.

Tourism Ireland’s new initiative is a testament to the organization’s commitment to promoting Ireland as a world-class destination for cultural tourism. The International Programming Fund for 2024 is set to invigorate Ireland’s cultural scene, attract visitors from around the world, and contribute to the country’s economic recovery. With this new initiative, Ireland is poised to shine on the global stage and establish itself as a must-visit destination for cultural enthusiasts.

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