Meta Unplugs Cross-App Chats Between Instagram And Facebook Messenger – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)


Instagram users will soon lose access to their Facebook Messenger chats as Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:META) begins to disconnect this cross-app chatting feature. This move reverses Meta’s 2020 decision to integrate Messenger and Instagram chats, which aimed to provide users with an improved chatting experience regardless of the app they were using.

The disconnection is set to take effect by mid-December 2023. While Meta has not disclosed the reason for this change, speculation suggests it may be related to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in Europe. This legislation requires large companies to ensure interoperability between their messaging platforms.

Meta’s other product, WhatsApp, has already started preparations to comply with the DMA by introducing a “Third-Party Chats” feature. It is possible that Meta is disconnecting the cross-app chatting feature on Instagram to better align with the DMA’s requirements. Alternatively, this could be part of Meta’s strategy to scale back Messenger following the loss of SMS/MMS capabilities on Android and the shutdown of Messenger Lite.

To inform users about the upcoming changes, Meta has provided a new support page detailing the deactivation of the feature. This will help users understand what to expect once the cross-app chatting feature is no longer available.

Meta’s decision to disconnect Instagram and Facebook Messenger chats may disappoint some users who have enjoyed the convenience of cross-platform communication. However, it remains to be seen what alternatives Meta will offer to enhance the messaging experience on both Instagram and Facebook.

As Meta continues to make changes to its messaging platforms, it will be interesting to see how these decisions impact user engagement and the overall user experience.

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