Kim Jong Un’s North Korea Not Interested In Talks With US, But Washington Says Engagement ‘Our Policy All Along’


Despite reservations about North Korea’s willingness to engage in dialogue, the United States remains committed to pursuing diplomatic talks with the East Asian nation. This affirmation comes from a spokesperson for the State Department, Matthew Miller, who addressed recent statements made by Deputy Secretary of State nominee, Kurt Campbell, expressing concerns about North Korea’s lack of interest in diplomatic engagement.

Miller stated during a press briefing that the US will continue to encourage diplomacy with North Korea, as it has been the country’s policy all along. He acknowledged Campbell’s skepticism, which he deemed “well founded” given North Korea’s consistent refusal to consider diplomatic alternatives proposed by the current US administration.

Campbell, who also serves as the coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs at the National Security Council, emphasized the need to focus even more on deterrence during his Senate confirmation hearing. This comes in response to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, dismissing the idea of resuming dialogue with the US last month.

The situation is further complicated by North Korea’s recent satellite launch, which has been condemned by Seoul, Washington, and other nations as a violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting the use of ballistic missile technology.

Despite these challenges, the US remains committed to pursuing diplomatic talks with North Korea. The US government recognizes the importance of dialogue and engagement in addressing the security concerns surrounding North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. While North Korea’s reluctance may present obstacles, the US continues to prioritize diplomatic efforts in resolving the complex issues in the region.

In conclusion, the US State Department’s affirmation of its commitment to diplomatic talks with North Korea demonstrates its determination to pursue peaceful resolutions. Despite challenges and skepticism, the US remains dedicated to engaging with North Korea in the hopes of achieving stability and denuclearization in the region.

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