Kevin Mccarthy Believes America Doesn’t Desire Trump’s Retribution: ‘It Can’t Be About Revenge’


In a recent interview, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) expressed his belief that the American people do not desire retribution from former President Donald Trump. McCarthy argued that Trump’s focus should be on rebuilding and renewing America, rather than seeking revenge.

During a “CBS News Sunday Morning” interview, McCarthy emphasized the importance of Trump’s campaign being centered around restoring the country. He stated, “What President Trump needs to do in this campaign, it needs to be about rebuilding, restoring, renewing America. It can’t be about revenge.”

This statement from McCarthy comes in response to concerns raised by Democrats and some Republicans about the potential abuse of power by Trump if he were to be re-elected. These concerns were heightened when Trump expressed his desire to be a “dictator for one day” in order to secure the southern border and initiate drilling in the United States.

As a staunch supporter of Trump, McCarthy also revealed his anticipation of Trump being the GOP nominee in 2024 and expressed his willingness to serve in Trump’s cabinet if offered a suitable position.

McCarthy’s retirement from the House, announced two months after losing his Speakership, adds to the challenges faced by his successor, Speaker Mike Johnson, and the Republican majority in the House. McCarthy’s departure is seen as a hurdle in passing legislation in the coming year.

This interview follows warnings from individuals such as Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece, who stated that he would “bring everybody down with him if he thinks he’s going down.” Presidential contender Chris Christie also warned during a GOP debate that Trump was an “angry, bitter” man seeking retribution.

It is clear that there are concerns about the potential for retribution from Donald Trump if he were to return to power. McCarthy’s comments highlight the importance of focusing on rebuilding and renewing America rather than seeking revenge. The American people will ultimately have the final say in whether they desire retribution or a path forward that prioritizes the country’s well-being.

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