Fliggy deepens collaboration with choose Paris region to boost tourism in France


Fliggy, the popular travel platform owned by Alibaba Group, is deepening its collaboration with Choose Paris Region to boost tourism in France. The move comes as both companies aim to capitalize on the growing interest in French tourism among Chinese travelers.

Choose Paris Region is a regional tourism agency that promotes the French capital and its surrounding region as a top destination for international tourists. By partnering with Fliggy, the agency aims to tap into the vast user base of the travel platform, which has over 500 million active users.

The collaboration will focus on several key aspects to enhance the travel experience for Chinese tourists visiting France. One of the primary goals is to improve the accessibility of travel information and services for Chinese travelers through Fliggy’s platform. This includes providing comprehensive travel guides, local recommendations, and personalized itineraries to help visitors make the most of their trip.

In addition, the partnership will also focus on promoting lesser-known attractions and experiences in the Paris region. This is an effort to diversify the tourism offerings beyond the usual popular landmarks and showcase the rich cultural heritage and hidden gems that the region has to offer.

To achieve this, Fliggy and Choose Paris Region will leverage the power of digital marketing and social media. They will launch targeted campaigns on Fliggy’s platform to raise awareness about the lesser-known attractions and generate interest among Chinese travelers. This will be done through engaging content, virtual tours, and promotional offers to entice visitors to explore beyond the well-trodden tourist paths.

Furthermore, the collaboration will also work towards improving the overall travel experience for Chinese tourists in France. This includes facilitating visa applications, enhancing language support, and providing seamless transportation options. By addressing these pain points, Fliggy and Choose Paris Region aim to make the journey more convenient and enjoyable for Chinese visitors.

The deepening collaboration between Fliggy and Choose Paris Region comes at a crucial time for the tourism industry in France. With the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a strong desire to attract international tourists back to the country. Chinese travelers, in particular, have shown a growing interest in exploring France, which presents a significant opportunity for both companies.

Fliggy’s extensive reach and influence in the Chinese travel market, combined with Choose Paris Region’s expertise in promoting the region, create a powerful partnership that can drive tourism growth. By leveraging technology, digital marketing, and personalized services, the collaboration aims to create a seamless and unforgettable travel experience for Chinese tourists visiting France.

Overall, the deepening collaboration between Fliggy and Choose Paris Region is a positive step towards boosting tourism in France. By tapping into the vast potential of the Chinese travel market and promoting lesser-known attractions, the partnership aims to attract more visitors to the Paris region and showcase the diverse offerings of this iconic destination.

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