Ex-DOJ Attorney Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Book ‘Score-Settling Fiction’


Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recently published book, “MTG,” has come under scrutiny for its content and implications. According to legal expert Lloyd Green, the book reads like an audition for the second position on the 2024 Republican presidential ticket. In his review of the book for The Guardian, Green highlights the extremist perspectives conveyed by Greene, similar to those she expressed on the House floor.

One of the claims made by Greene in her book is that Democrats abandoned the House chamber during the January 6th Capitol riots, leaving Republicans to defend it. However, this claim has been strongly refuted by her fellow representatives, who labeled it as patently false. Democrats like Jason Crow stood their ground and helped members of Congress escape, contradicting Greene’s assertion.

The book also addresses Greene’s controversial comments about Jewish space lasers, which she defends in a roundabout way. Green criticizes this defense, adding to the negative reception of the book.

Despite being published by Winning Team, a company co-founded by Donald Trump Jr., the book was printed in Canada, contradicting the America First ethos. Critics describe the book as a mixture of venom, score-settling, fiction, self-absolution, and self-aggrandizement. However, Greene has stated that her primary focus is serving her district and has expressed a willingness to assist former President Donald Trump in any way possible.

Green concludes that the book, with its more than 275 pages, reads like an audition for the No. 2 slot on the 2024 Republican presidential ticket. Whether or not this will come to fruition remains to be seen, but Greene’s book has certainly garnered attention and sparked debate.

In the end, the publication of “MTG” has provided a platform for Marjorie Taylor Greene to express her views and potentially position herself for future political endeavors. As the 2024 election approaches, it will be interesting to see how her book and its contents shape the political landscape.

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