Democrats Seek Alternatives To Elon Musk’s X Amid Controversies But Shifting To Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads Isn’t Easy Either: ‘They Have Ton Of Issues With Meta’ – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)


In the midst of controversy surrounding Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, key political figures and corporate leaders are actively seeking alternative channels for public communication. High-profile individuals are seeking alternatives to Musk’s platform, known as X, which has been steeped in controversy recently, reported Politico. Ever since Musk took the helm in October 2022, the platform’s user base has been declining despite its reputation as a significant virtual hub.

Notable figures such as President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Microsoft Corporation CEO Satya Nadella have been using X to share information. However, due to the recent leadership issues at OpenAI and allegations of misinformation and propaganda on X, these influential people are considering other platforms.

A potential alternative is Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads, which was launched in July to rival X. Biden and Harris notably created Threads accounts on Monday, shortly after criticizing Musk’s contentious comments.

Yet, not everyone is convinced. “Threads feels like the most obvious viable alternative right now,” Crystal Patterson, former head of global civic partnerships at Facebook, stated. However, they also have a ton of issues with Meta.

This move comes on the heels of growing discontent with Musk’s platform X. Over two dozen Democratic House members sent a letter to Musk accusing his platform of profiting from misinformation related to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The lawmakers alleged that X has not adhered to its own policies on curbing misinformation and spreading ‘terroristic propaganda videos,’ thereby monetizing such content. The dissatisfaction with X’s content moderation policies could be driving these prominent figures to find other means of communication.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Elon Musk’s X platform has led to key political figures and corporate leaders seeking alternative channels for public communication. Platforms like Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads are being considered as potential alternatives. The dissatisfaction with X’s content moderation policies and allegations of profiting from misinformation are driving these figures to explore other options. The search for alternative platforms highlights the importance of effective and responsible communication channels in today’s digital age.

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