Biden Mocks Trump Over Latter’s Claim About Becoming A Dictator During First Day In Office: ‘Thank God, Only One Day’


President Joe Biden responded with humor to comments made by former President Donald Trump during a fundraising trip in California. Trump had mocked Biden’s mental acuity and suggested that he was on medication. Biden, in turn, made a witty remark about Trump potentially becoming a dictator if re-elected.

During a gathering at the residence of Michael Smith, a notable interior designer, and James Costos, a former HBO executive, Biden responded to Trump’s assertion by saying, “Thank God, only one day.” The president’s quip drew laughter from the audience and showcased his ability to respond to criticism with grace and wit.

Biden’s visit to California was part of a broader campaign effort as he gears up for the 2024 elections. The three-day trip included a stop in Las Vegas, where he announced significant funding for new passenger rail projects worth $8.2 billion. These economic initiatives, along with others such as the infrastructure law, the Chips and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act, are key components of his administration’s agenda. By promoting these initiatives, Biden aims to bolster public perception and gain support for his policies.

In addition to focusing on economic initiatives, Biden’s California trip was also a crucial fundraising venture. The president attended events with prominent figures like Steven Spielberg, Rob Reiner, Barbra Streisand, and Lenny Kravitz. These gatherings, along with others planned before the end of the month, are expected to raise substantial funds for his campaign.

Despite these efforts, recent polls suggest that there is still work to be done in terms of bolstering public opinion. Biden’s administration faces challenges in winning over skeptics and ensuring that the public is fully supportive of their policies.

In conclusion, President Joe Biden humorously responded to comments made by Donald Trump during a fundraising trip in California. His witty remark showcased his ability to handle criticism with grace and wit. The trip also served as an opportunity for Biden to promote his economic initiatives and raise funds for his campaign. However, further work is needed to strengthen public opinion and ensure widespread support for his administration’s policies.

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