Barron’s Weekend Stock Picks: Uber Joins The S&P 500, Schwab Rebounds And What’s Next for Johnson & Johnson? – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ)


Barron’s Top Stories: Uber Joins S&P 500, Phillips 66 Stock Potential Rise, Charles Schwab’s Rebound, Apple Stock in December, Johnson & Johnson Upgrade

Benzinga reviews this weekend’s top stories covered by Barron’s. Here are the articles investors need to read.

Uber Joins the S&P 500. Here’s Which Other Stocks Did—and Which Ones Were Removed:
In this article, Andrew Bary discusses Uber Technologies Inc’s recent addition to the S&P 500. Bary highlights Uber’s profitability and how it has become the largest inclusion of a U.S. company by market capitalization that was not previously in the index. This news is significant for investors as it reflects Uber’s growth and recognition within the market.

Phillips 66 Stock Could Rise More on Activist Investor’s Prodding:
Carleton English writes about Elliott Management’s $1 billion stake in Phillips 66, a multinational energy company. English explains that the activist investor seeks changes that could potentially result in a 75% increase in the company’s stock. This challenge to CEO Mark Lashier’s plans is being supported by Wall Street, further emphasizing the potential for growth in Phillips 66 stock.

Schwab’s Stock Rebounds. Why It Could Gain More Next Year:
Andrew Welsch discusses Charles Schwab’s recent stock rebound, which saw a 12% increase in value over the past week. Despite challenges, analysts have expressed optimistic outlooks for Schwab’s stock, indicating the potential for further gains in the coming year. This article provides insights for investors interested in the financial sector and Charles Schwab in particular.

Apple Stock Has Tough Decembers. Why This Time Could Be Different:
Angela Palumbo examines Apple Inc’s historical performance in December, noting that the stock has historically shown weak performance during this month. However, Palumbo suggests that this year could be different due to high holiday expectations and improved supply conditions compared to the previous year. Investors looking to invest in Apple stock should consider these factors.

Johnson & Johnson Stock Gains a Bull Ahead of Analyst Day:
Emily Dattilo reports on UBS analysts upgrading Johnson & Johnson to “Buy.” This upgrade is based on a positive outlook for Johnson & Johnson’s Innovative Medicine business and MedTech growth in line with the market. This article provides valuable insights for investors interested in the healthcare sector and Johnson & Johnson specifically.

Overall, these articles provide a comprehensive overview of key developments and potential opportunities in the stock market. Investors should consider these insights when making investment decisions.

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