A new era begins: the Grand Ho Tram unveils endless fun & freedom with ‘Quận Vui’


The Grand Ho Tram, one of Vietnam’s premier integrated resorts, is ushering in a new era of fun and freedom with the launch of its latest entertainment concept, ‘Quận Vui’. This concept aims to redefine the way guests experience entertainment and leisure activities, offering endless options for all ages.

Located just two hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, the Grand Ho Tram has always been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. With its luxurious accommodations, world-class casino, and stunning beachfront location, it has become a haven for those seeking relaxation and excitement.

However, with the introduction of ‘Quận Vui’, the Grand Ho Tram is taking its offerings to a whole new level. The concept is inspired by the idea of creating a district of fun, where guests can immerse themselves in a wide range of activities, all conveniently located within the resort.

‘Quận Vui’ features a variety of entertainment options, catering to different interests and preferences. For thrill-seekers, there are adrenaline-pumping rides and attractions, such as a zip line and a high ropes course. These activities are perfect for those looking to get their hearts racing and test their limits.

Those who prefer a more relaxed experience can enjoy a leisurely round of golf on the resort’s world-class golf course or indulge in a spa treatment at the luxurious spa. The Grand Ho Tram has spared no expense in creating a serene and tranquil environment for guests to unwind and rejuvenate.

Families are also well-catered for at ‘Quận Vui’. The resort offers a dedicated kids’ zone, complete with a playground, arcade games, and even a mini water park. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are well-entertained and safe, allowing them to enjoy their own leisure activities.

One of the highlights of ‘Quận Vui’ is the extensive lineup of dining options. Guests can choose from a range of restaurants, offering cuisines from around the world. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a casual meal with friends, there is something to suit every taste and occasion.

The Grand Ho Tram is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for its guests. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the resort has implemented stringent health and safety measures to ensure the well-being of everyone on the premises. These include regular sanitization, temperature checks, and social distancing protocols.

The launch of ‘Quận Vui’ marks an exciting new chapter for the Grand Ho Tram. With its diverse range of entertainment options and world-class amenities, the resort is set to become a destination of choice for those seeking endless fun and freedom. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, guests can expect an unforgettable experience at the Grand Ho Tram.

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