2024: Tourism Ministry unveils Best Village & Homestay Competitions


In a bid to promote tourism and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the nation, the Tourism Ministry has announced the launch of the Best Village & Homestay Competitions for the year 2024. This initiative aims to encourage local communities to participate actively in the tourism sector and create sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The Best Village & Homestay Competitions will be held across different states and regions of the country, giving travelers a chance to explore the authentic traditions and lifestyles of various communities. The competition will focus on identifying villages and homestays that offer unique experiences and excellent hospitality to tourists.

The Tourism Ministry believes that these competitions will not only boost tourism but also revitalize rural areas by generating economic activities and preserving cultural heritage. Through these competitions, the government aims to empower local communities, enabling them to take ownership of their cultural assets and improve their living standards.

The Best Village Competition will evaluate villages based on criteria such as preservation of traditional architecture, promotion of local arts and crafts, cleanliness, availability of basic amenities, and community participation. The competition will recognize villages that have successfully preserved their cultural identity while embracing sustainable practices and providing an exceptional experience to visitors.

The Homestay Competition, on the other hand, will focus on the hospitality and services offered by local families who open their homes to tourists. Criteria for evaluation will include the quality of accommodation, cleanliness, availability of local cuisine, engagement with guests, and overall guest satisfaction. The competition aims to promote homestays as an alternative form of accommodation that allows visitors to immerse themselves in local culture and forge meaningful connections with the host community.

Winners of the Best Village & Homestay Competitions will be awarded with cash prizes, recognition from the Tourism Ministry, and promotion of their village or homestay through various marketing channels. Additionally, the winners will receive support and guidance from the government to further develop their tourism infrastructure and improve their offerings.

The announcement of these competitions has already created a buzz among both tourists and local communities. Many are eagerly looking forward to exploring the hidden gems and experiencing the warmth of rural hospitality. This initiative is expected to not only attract domestic and international tourists but also create employment opportunities for local communities.

The Best Village & Homestay Competitions align with the government’s vision of sustainable and responsible tourism. By encouraging communities to actively participate in the tourism sector, the government aims to spread tourism benefits evenly across the country and reduce the concentration of tourist activities in popular destinations.

As the world continues to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, these competitions come as a welcome boost to the tourism industry. They provide an opportunity for travelers to venture off the beaten path and discover the beauty and diversity of India’s rural landscapes while supporting local communities.

The Tourism Ministry’s Best Village & Homestay Competitions are a step in the right direction towards inclusive and sustainable tourism. By recognizing and promoting the cultural heritage of villages and the warm hospitality of homestays, these competitions will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the tourism sector and create a positive impact on the lives of local communities.

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