Jonathan Majors Trial, Driver Claims Grace Jabbari Hit Actor


Big Update from the Jonathan Majors Assault Trial: Driver Testifies in Favor of the Movie Star

In a surprising turn of events, the driver of the SUV involved in the Jonathan Majors assault trial took the stand and testified in favor of the actor. The driver’s testimony contradicts the previous narrative, painting Grace Jabbari as the aggressor rather than Majors.

The incident in question occurred back in March when Majors and Jabbari were involved in a heated fight in the back of the driver’s Escalade. According to the driver, he focused on the road, but he had a feeling that Jabbari hit Majors due to the way she was fighting and the sounds produced. This testimony challenges the initial belief that Majors roughed up Jabbari while trying to retrieve his phone.

The driver also testified that Jabbari demanded to see Majors’ phone and became very angry. He stated, “He was not doing anything, she was doing it,” suggesting that Majors was trying to get rid of Jabbari, not harm her. This testimony presents a significant twist in the trial as it contradicts the previously read text messages between Majors and Jabbari.

Last week, the court read out text messages exchanged between the couple, including one from September 2022 in which they seemed to refer to an altercation in London. Majors expressed concern that Jabbari might not protect them during the investigation, even if she lied, while Jabbari replied that she would lie about how she sustained a head injury to be with Majors. These messages implied that Jabbari was willing to cover up the truth.

Furthermore, the driver testified that Majors and Jabbari had an argument outside of the car, with Majors allegedly pushing her back into the vehicle. This adds another layer to the case, suggesting that Jabbari was being difficult and Majors was attempting to remove her from the situation.

To further support Majors’ side, the defense team asked the driver if he found any blood in the car, to which he responded that he did not. This detail aligns with Majors’ claim that he did not physically harm Jabbari during the altercation.

The driver’s testimony has undoubtedly provided a significant update in the trial, casting doubt on the initial portrayal of events. It raises questions about the dynamics of the relationship between Majors and Jabbari and challenges the narrative that Majors was the sole aggressor.

As the trial progresses, it will be crucial for the jury to carefully consider the evidence and testimonies presented. The driver’s account brings a fresh perspective to the case, highlighting the complexities surrounding the incident and the need for a thorough examination of all the facts.

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