Joe Biden Is Faring Worse Than Expected Against Donald Trump In Latest Polls


President Joe Biden’s popularity is waning in key electoral battlegrounds, according to current polls. This concerning trend has emerged from numerous recent surveys, indicating potential challenges for the upcoming election. Initial signs of Biden’s diminishing electoral prospects came from New York Times/Siena College polls, which showed former President Donald Trump leading in most of the six crucial swing states.

Subsequent polls from 13 different sources have further confirmed this trend, with Biden losing ground in almost all of them. An increasing number of voters are abandoning Biden and are now undecided, as opposed to directly supporting Trump, as reported by Politico. However, Trump has been garnering increasing support, with his national polling average reaching new heights compared to the past year.

At the state level, similar trends are evident. Recent polls in Arizona and Michigan have shown Trump holding significant leads over Biden. The lagging support for Biden can be attributed to several factors, including decreased support from young voters, tensions in the Middle East, and the influence of independent and third-party candidates.

According to an NBC News poll, voters younger than 35 support Trump more than Biden. Additional polls from Morning Consult, Fox News, and Quinnipiac University have also reflected Biden’s shrinking lead among younger voters, a traditionally Democratic stronghold. Moreover, Biden’s overall approval ratings have been declining, while Trump’s favorability has been increasing. Biden’s approval rating recently hit a low of 38 percent in FiveThirtyEight’s poll, the lowest since July 2022.

These trends raise concerns for the Biden administration as they approach future elections. The decrease in support from young voters, in particular, could have significant implications for the Democratic Party. Additionally, tensions in the Middle East and the presence of independent and third-party candidates further complicate the political landscape.

It remains to be seen how Biden and his administration will address these challenges and regain support. As the next election approaches, Biden will need to focus on reconnecting with young voters, addressing concerns over foreign policy, and addressing the influence of independent candidates. The future of the Biden presidency may depend on the ability to navigate these obstacles and regain voter confidence.

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